BeUnik, through an excellence service, bets in a continuous improvement providing continuous improvements in customer service.
Since it appeared in the Portuguese market in 2021, BeUnik has continuously invested in the development of new and differentiating value proposals that enhance greater proximity, as well as strengthening the trust between the brand and its customers.

The Certification of its services, activities is the proof of this effort, which is based on a policy of continuous improvement.

Be it through strong promotional campaigns, the many services and activities available to its users or the presence in the market with the brands of its suppliers, BeUnik sets the market trends, offering variety with innovative products and services of excellence, always with competitive prices. This way, BeUnik intends to meet the needs and expectations of users, taking into consideration the environmental aspects, an efficient use of resources and the applicable legal requirements.

It is precisely in the scope of this total customer-orientation that we assume a serious commitment to our users, collaborators and partners. In this sense, we have several objectives:

To introduce and Introduce national and international products and brands in the Portuguese market;

Fulfill and Satisfy the requirements of our users, through the best technological and ecological solutions;

Value the importance of environmental sustainability, through an activity of equipment reconditioning that contributes to the preservation of the environment and good recycling practices;

Stimulate and strengthen relationships with our partners, with a view to establishing relationships of trust, recognizing and promoting innovative products with our partners;

Ensure a professionalized organization, which allows us to improve the quality of service provided, ensuring greater satisfaction in the performance of their regulated professional activity;


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