The Brand

Beunik is the youngest company of ACGroup, it was created by the need to reinvent ourselves, as such we challenged ourselves to a new market segment, using years of experience, relationships built along the way and of course, the good connections of our CEO Mr. Alcides Alves de Castro worldwide.

The Experience

Because of our vast experience and our entire network of contacts in the most diverse business areas, we decided to create an e-commerce company where we will serve b2b and b2c, with the certainty of success and dynamism, factors that have always existed and characterize us.

The Mission

Beunik is an online store, e-commerce, with a clear focus on being different, passionate and that excites the customer at the first glimpse and continues with every click, not to be another gray page where we close it after 5 seconds.

The Goal

With a restricted and careful selection of partners and products so exclusive or "unik" that the customer buys immediately by an impulse of pleasure and falls in love with it. Our rigor in choosing our partners is related to the demand of our customers, since the promotion of products online, is not free, so we have to be selective and judicious.