Vertical Vacuums

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Vertical vacuum Jimmy H10 PRO
Save 36%
Vertical Vacuum Jimmy JV85 PRO
Sale price€259,90 Regular price€404,70
Vertical Vacuum Jimmy JV85 PROJIMMY
3 reviews
In stock
Save 12%
Vertical Vacuum Jimmy JV85
Sale price€269,00 Regular price€306,30
Vertical Vacuum Jimmy JV85JIMMY
2 reviews
In stock
Save 37%
Vertical Vacuum Jimmy H9PRO
Sale price€330,00 Regular price€527,70
Vertical Vacuum Jimmy H9PROJIMMY
2 reviews
In stock
Save 32%
Vertical vacuum Jimmy JV51
Sale price€149,90 Regular price€220,20
Vertical vacuum Jimmy JV51JIMMY
No reviews
In stock
Save 21%
Vertical vacuum Jimmy H8 Flex
Sale price€289,90 Regular price€367,80
Vertical vacuum Jimmy H8 FlexJIMMY
2 reviews
In stock
Save 29%
Vertical Vacuum Jimmy H8PRO
Sale price€260,00 Regular price€367,80
Vertical Vacuum Jimmy H8PROJIMMY
1 review
In stock
Save 17%
Vertical vacuum Jimmy JV65
Sale price€255,00 Regular price€306,30
Vertical vacuum Jimmy JV65JIMMY
1 review
In stock
Save 22%
Vertical vacuum Jimmy H8
Sale price€219,00 Regular price€281,70
Vertical vacuum Jimmy H8JIMMY
1 review
In stock

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